Individualized Professional Seminars

Seminars that provide specialized training for educators and healthcare professionals.

After working in the schools and seeing first­hand the widespread nature of eating and body image issues, as well as the profound impact of these issues on academic and athletic performance, social well­ being, and physical and mental health, we strongly believe in the need for this type of education for all who interact with children and adolescents. As a healthcare professional or educator, your influence is significant; and by having a body-­positive practice, you would have a far­-reaching impact on those you serve.

Principles of these seminars are customized for the profession and are based off of the following:

  • Body Image and its impact on academics, athletics, and social/emotional well-being
  • How to apply the body­-positive lifestyle in your practice or classroom
  • Modeling the practice of listening to your body
  • Modeling the way you talk to yourself and others about your body
  • The definition of "health" and why it matters
  • The importance of specialized training and education for optimal treatment efficacy
  • Social media use and impact for your students and patients
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Presentations customized for the audience and scheduled upon request.

We are available to schedule engaging, on-trend presentations for groups of any size. These presentations are geared toward the audience’s specific needs, and can address any of the principles described in our other services on an “a la carte” basis. We can also provide qualified expertise and education on these additional topics:

  • Warning signs of an eating disorder and how to intervene
  • Athletes and eating disorders
  • The role of the "obesity epidemic"
  • Intergenerational body dissatisfaction (for mothers and daughters)
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The Wisdom of the Body:
Finding Your True North
(3 hours)

Today’s world is filled with a constant barrage of messages. Messages establishing firm standards for appearance and body size, material possessions, and the image one portrays to the world. Imagine discrediting all of these “shoulds.” What would it be like to allow your own wisdom to guide your decisions? These workshops are intended to help individuals more fully realize their purpose and maximize their overall wellness. Principles of this workshop include:

  • Mindful eating and exercise as guides for body-positive wellness
  • Recognizing and living your values (not those dictated by society or those around you)
  • Understanding our society’s unrealistic standards for appearance
  • Social media use and impact
  • Achieving authenticity in relationships
  • Liberating your self-worth from the "shoulds"
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Body-Positive Way of Life
for Parents
(90 minutes)

These workshops are designed to educate parents on how to make their homes body-positive environments for their children, stimulate thinking and dialogue about ways in which they can model healthy relationships with food and their bodies, and where to find treatment resources in the community if needed. Principles of this workshop include:

  • Encouraging mindful eating and exercise
  • The power of a compliment
  • Social media use and impact for your kids
  • Modeling the way you talk to yourself and others about your body
  • How to support your kids through common body image struggles
  • Practice the body-positive lifestyle in your home
  • Becoming a critical consumer and helping your kids to do the same
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