In a World of Not Good Enough

In a world of “not good enough” . . . .

It can be really difficult to figure out who you are.

We are not—thin, fit, pretty, organized, wealthy, accomplished, connected, (fill in the blank) enough. Advertisers rely on this theme in (sometimes) subtle but clever ways to convince you to purchase products . . . . somehow with their product, we will be good enough. Or at least closer to that ever-elusive ideal.

LevisMaybellinePretzel Crisps

We have social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram where we get to see “shiny, happy people” going on sunny vacations, winning awards (or their children winning awards), and “all dolled up” to go out for a night. And these photos aren’t of Beyoncé or Angelina but of people we know . . . and somehow that can be even harder to see. Then there’s Pinterest with its world of gorgeous and yummy foods, chic outfits, perfect parties, and moms creating princess castles and dinosaurs out of aluminum foil and twine.

How can you not look at all of this and come up lacking? All of these messages beg for comparison. How does my life measure up? Did I have themed water bottles and coordinating printed menus at my 1-year-old’s birthday party? Does my house have the right “pops” of color? Do I look sufficiently styled but not like I’m trying too hard?

While sites like Facebook or Pinterest can be great idea-generators or ways to stay connected, they can also be the source of much anxiety. Comparison is the thief of joy as they say, and it’s also a barrier to authenticity. How can you truly be yourself when you’re always looking to and at others?

Finding your north comes, not from looking out, but from looking in.

And I know that looking in doesn’t happen in a frenzied, noisy world. I also know that, regardless of the size of your jeans or the brand of pretzels you eat, you have always been good enough. So ignore the comparisons. Pause, breathe, live in the silence. Listen . . .


You are not your body,


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